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Auto mould process for stamping have why to ask?
Dec 21, 2017

In auto mould manufacturing is a great process requires mastery, and for each component manufacturing and processing are the different requirements of his. And for stamping design speaking, his manufacturing process or more complex, and in his manufacturing process must improve material utilization ratio, minimize the number of materials from the fundamental up reduced production costs.

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In the permission of the cheap materials, by making it possible parts do no waste and less waste cutting, the design of stamping must satisfy the product use and technical performance, and can be easily assembly and engaged. Design of stamping, should be advantageous to try to use existing equipment, technological equipment and process carries on the processing, stamping and to facilitate the use of the life extension. Design in stamping parts, can guarantee the normal use cases and try to make dimension precision grades and surface roughness rating low demand for products, and some reducing scrap interchangeable, to ensure the product quality is stable. The stamping must shape design simple, reasonable structure for simplifying the mould structure, simplify the process, the simplest nine-hour minimum number of punching process to complete the entire parts processing, reduce, reuse other methods, and to facilitate the stamping process operation organized and realize mechanization and automation production to improve labor productivity. Through the punch and die of plate, strip pipe and profiles to exert forces, produce plastic deformation or separation, thus obtaining required shapes and sizes of the workpiece machining and forming method for workpiece is stamping. Stamping and forging plastic processing are belong to the press.

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