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Automobile right engine bracket mould design and manufacturing.
Jan 19, 2018

       CAD/CAM technology has been widely used in various fields such as machinery, aviation, shipbuilding, petrochemicals, medicine, etc., and there are many manufacturers of mold design and manufacturing in mold industry.

At present, all major automobile factories have established their own special CAD/CAM design room.It has been proved that using CAD/AM technology can significantly improve the design efficiency, shorten the molding cycle and improve the quality of mould manufacturing, thus reducing the enterprise production cost and improving the operating efficiency of the enterprise.

2. The base of the process analysis has 10.2mm hole and 3 holes on the side, namely 2 16.5mmX square holes and 1 order of 10.2mm. These three holes are on the same axis, but with a height difference of 121mm.

From the complex surface of the parts, the forming is more complex, the deformation is uneven, and the deformation degree is large, and it is possible to break.According to the analysis and research, this part can be stretched and formed by reasonable design of blank and mold structure, so the following forming process is designed: blanking.Due to the stretch deep, complex surface, to prevent break down, incision should design process, so that at the time of material forming easier, deformation of local materials can be replenished in time, so the blank size should be determined by way of stretch forming test

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