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China Auto Parts Manufacturing Facing Challenges in Five Areas
Dec 29, 2017

Recently, the deputy secretary general of China Automobile Manufacturing Association Ye Shengji, said in the Annual Meeting of China's Auto Parts Industry that China's auto components industry development is in good shape, but the expansion of this industry will lead to changes in the competitive landscape of uncertainty, The development of Chinese automobile parts is favorable. however, the uncertainty of the market is increasing since the expanding of the industrial scale. Because of it, maintaining the favorable developing direction becomes increasingly hard.

90% of Chinese automobile parts companies are majorly on the low-end production. 

The industry needs upper-level designs.

Under the new normal, China's auto parts industry must find a way for transformation and upgrading. Yesheng Ji believes that in order to lead the healthy development of the automotive parts industry, as soon as possible to research and determine the future direction of components, to establish the future Development plans and goals for the parts industry .By 2025, the industry needs to establish the international competitiveness of a strong supporting parts supply system, to form a substantially complete product development system, the basic realization of the strategic transformation of China's auto parts industry, from manufacturing to design and creation.

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