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Compound injection molding machine is used to produce special plastic products.
Jan 19, 2018


          Composite injection molding machine is mainly used to produce some special requirements of plastic products, including a variety of colors or a variety of materials composite plastic products.For example, the surface is a kind of polyformaldehyde with high abrasion resistance, and the inner layer is high-strength products with small thermal deformation.The outer layer is a surface layer with good color and surface quality. The inner layer is electromagnetic shielding material or electromagnetic shielding part of conductive resin.Simpler is injection of double layer with different colors, and with internal recycle material layer composite injection molding products according to the structure characteristics of the compound injection molding machine is divided into common nozzle type, rotary mould and linkage type three categories.Typical products include ks-3c -900 injection machine manufactured by Japan gaoqiao precision machinery industry.At the same time, multi-component injection molding has been developed, and the injection unit has been increased from one to two, which can reduce or eliminate the assembly operation amount after injection, and can process soft and very composite parts.A new type of aggregate tube is used to guide and measure the melt from the injection unit, which provides high flexibility for the injection of multimode cavity.For example, a cavity is injected, and another cavity is being injected into the surface layer or core layer. The aggregate tube allows the injection unit to clean, quickly and easily replace the raw materials and colors.

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