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Customer-oriented Management (Core Value) of Yangfan precision MOLD
Jan 05, 2018

1. Basic principle

To always be honest and sincere to our customer is the basic principle of WIT Mold for long-term development.Yangfan presicion Mold mainly produce injection mold,custom mould.

2. Understanding customer's needs

The regular training for the employees in WIT Mold includes fully understanding our customer's requirements and needs.

3. Guarantee the right quality level

Guarantee the good quality by Design Control, Engineering and Manufacturing Control, Quality Control.

4. Most appropriate time

To make a production time analysis, and discuss with the customer the most appropriate and reasonable delivery date

5. Most appropriate Price

Our well-trained team will provide the most suitable project to the customer according to the customer's requirement.

If need any mold building support from us, please just contact us.

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