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Design considerations of injection mold
Jan 29, 2018

Draft: Required in both the core and cavity for easy ejection of the finished component


Shrinkage allowance: Depends on shrinkage property of material core and cavity size


Cooling circuit: In order to reduce the cycle time, water circulates through holes drilled in both the core and cavity plates.


Ejection gap: The gap between the ejector plate face and core back plate face should hold dimension within the core. It must allow component to be fully removed from the mold.


Air vents: Removes gases entrapped between core and cavity (usually less than 0.05 mm gap), because excessive gaps can result in flash defects.


Mold polishing: The core, cavity, runner and sprue should have good surface finish and should be polished along material flow direction.


Mold filling : The gate should be placed such that the component is filled from the thicker section to thinner section.

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