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Die core processing details
Jan 22, 2018

1) rough machining: machining on the milling machine to ensure the vertical degree and the degree of peace, and the residual grinding allowance is 1.2mm.

2) rough grinding: large water grinding process, first grinding the large surface, grinding the small surface with the batch, ensuring the vertical degree of the peace line is 0.05mm, and the remaining balance is 0.6-0.8mm.

3) milling machine, milling machine head first calibration, guarantee within 0.02 mm, compression artifacts, correction processing screw holes first, pinhole, wear silk hole, insert pin countersunk head open, machine nozzle or feed nozzle hole, shunt cone hole, hole chamfer do milling R Angle.

4) locksmith processing: tapping and typing.

5) CNC roughing

6) external heat treatment hrc48-52.

7) fine grinding;The large water mill is machined to a ratio of 0.04mm, which ensures that the parallelism and perpendicularity are within 0.02mm.

8) CNC finishing

9) electrical discharge machining.

10) save mold, ensure smooth finish and control the size of cavity.

11) process the gate of gate, exhaust, zinc alloy in the general condition of the gate opening 0.3-0.5mm, exhaust opening 0.06-0.1mm, aluminum alloy gate 0.5-1.2mm exhaust open 0.1-0.2, plastic exhaust opening 0.01-0.02, as wide as possible, thin.

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