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Do you know what’s the mold surface treatment ?
Jan 19, 2018


         Sandblasting is to make the quartz sand through a certain pressure air gun to the surface of the mold, so as to form a layer of frosted surface on the surface of plastic mold.When plastic mold injection molding products, it will be formed on the surface of the product.Generally sandblasting is divided into fine sand and coarse sand.For sandblasting, the surface of the plastic parts is easy to wear off.The dermatoglyph is made from a chemical potion method.The skin has the most variety, can imitate various effect surface.The price difference of leather grain processing is very big, the technology content of the skin grain technology is high.For different skin lines, the price is relatively low.However, the price is much more expensive for the three-dimensional skin lines used in automobile interior trim parts and household appliances.The fire pattern refers to the pattern of the electric spark plastic mold.For the fire pattern, the surface of the product can also be treated with fire pattern.Do not specially make electrode to process fire pattern, that cost is high.For the plastic mold surface treatment technology, the most we use is the skin grain.Of course the actual product needs to use what surface treatment, still want to decide according to the use of plastic part.

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