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Factors affecting the cooling rate of double color mold
Jan 23, 2018

1. Mold material and its cooling mode.When it comes to mold materials, including mold core, cavity material and mold material, the cooling speed is greatly affected.The higher the thermal conductivity of the two-color mould material, the better the heat transfer from the plastic in unit time, and the shorter the cooling time.

2. Design of plastic products.Mainly plastic products wall thickness.The larger the thickness of the two-color mould, the longer the cooling time.

3. Plastic selection.This refers to the measurement of the conduction velocity of the heat from the heat in the direction of the heat.Plastic heat conduction coefficient is higher, on behalf of the heat transfer effect is better, or plastic heat low, temperature change easily, so easy to heat dissipation, the heat transfer effect is better, the required cooling time is shorter.

4. Cooling water pipe configuration.The closer the cooling water pipe is to the cavity, the larger the pipe diameter is, and the greater the number, the better the cooling effect, and the shorter the cooling time, the coolant flow.The larger the cooling water flow is, the better the cooling water will be with the heat convection.

The properties of coolant.The viscosity and heat conductivity of the coolant can also affect the heat transfer effect of the injection mold.The lower the viscosity of the coolant, the higher the thermal conductivity, the lower the temperature, the better the cooling effect

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