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Guangdong: the domestic mould market leader
Dec 22, 2017

Guangdong is China's leading mold market today, and is the largest province of the mold export and import. 40% of the national output mould or more are from Guangdong, and the rate of mold CNC machining equipment, equipment performance, mold processing technology, degree of specialization in production and standards are ahead of the level of other provinces and cities.


The current national ranking in the top 10 mold enterprises, Guangdong holds five, the world's largest mold base supplier and largest mold manufacturers in Asia are in Guangdong.

With further optimization of industrial structure of Guangdong, IT, automotive, high-tech and other industries in Guangdong mold are put forward higher requirements. Guangdong mold the next few years will become increasingly sophisticated and complex.

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