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Holes in plastic injection mold design
Jan 26, 2018

  •  Holes can be possibly made on slides but can result in generation of weld lines.

  • Minimum spacing between 2 holes or a hole and a sidewall should be equal to the diameter of the hole.

  • The hole should be located at a minimum distance of 3 times the diameter from the edge of a part, to minimize stresses.

  •  A through hole is preferred over a blind hole because core pin that produces a hole can be supported at both ends and is less likely to bend.

  •  Holes in the bottom of a part are better than holes in side, which require retractable core pins.

  •  Depth of blind holes should not be more than 2 times the diameter.

  • Steps should be used to increase the depth of a deep blind hole.

  • For through holes, cutout sections in the part can shorten the length of a small-diameter pin.

  • Use overlapping and offset mold cavity projections instead of core pins to produce holes parallel to the die parting line (perpendicular to the mold movement direction).

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