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How does plastic mold manufacturer design mold?
Jan 19, 2018


         The mold temperature is high, the molten material cools slowly, the density is high, the shrinkage is big, especially to the crystallization material, because the crystallinity is high, the volume changes greatly, so the shrinkage is bigger.The temperature distribution is also related to the cooling and density uniformity of the plastic parts, which directly affects the size and direction of each part.In addition, maintaining pressure and time has a great impact on the contraction, while the pressure is large and the time is long, but the direction is large.Plastic mold manufacturer, points out that high injection pressure, viscosity of molten material difference is small, interlaminar shear stress is small, large elastic rebound after demoulding, so the contract can be just the right amount of decrease, high temperature, shrinkage, but the direction is small.Therefore, it is necessary to adjust mold temperature, pressure, injection speed and cooling time during molding to change the shrinkage of plastic parts.Mold design according to the scope of all kinds of plastic shrinkage, wall thickness and shape, feed port, size and distribution of the form according to the experience to determine the shrinkage rate of plastic pieces of each part, and then to calculate the cavity size.

Plastic mold manufacturers point out that for high precision plastic parts and difficult to master the shrinkage rate, it is generally appropriate to design the mold as follows:

The small shrinkage rate of the outside diameter of the plastic parts was obtained, and the large shrinkage rate was obtained, so as to leave the room for modification after the test mode.

According to the manufacturer of the plastic mould, the form, size and forming condition of the casting system are determined.

The size variation of the molded parts after treatment is determined by post-processing. (the measurement must be done 24 hours after release.

The manufacturer of the plastic mould of plastic mould points out that the mould is modified according to the actual shrinkage.

It can modify the shrinkage value slightly to meet the requirements of plastic parts.

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