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How to improve the mold quality?
Jan 08, 2018

How to improve the plastic injection mold quality? The below factors is significant :

1. Steel : Based on the mold life you want. Generally, the mold life of P20 is 30W; 2738 is longer, around 50W; H13 & 2344 is above 80 to 100W.

Besides, proper heat treatment is able to upgrade some functions of steel.

2. Structural design : It's important to consider the shrinkage rate, cycle temperature, cooling system before manufacturing.

3. Machining : Reasonable process can greatly shorter the production time and save cost.

4. Standard parts

5. Assembly : Be careful the clean work, especially the water system and screw hole.

6. Runner system : How to guarantee the balance of plastic injection , the size of gating as well as the injection pressure is significant.

7. Water system : Inappropriate water system design will lead to the mold is out of shape ;

8. Mold maintenance

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