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How to prevent plastic mold deformation?
Jan 20, 2018

(1) precision of mould dimension.


Mold size accuracy to appropriate, to consider according to the drawing die design, production and forming process, the key is how to ensure that actually received the required dimensional tolerance on the drawing mould size range, it is also the designer must solve good, otherwise it will affect the mold.


(2) Reduction


Even if it is the same resin, if the molding conditions are different, the shrinkage rate will be different.Precision molding shrinkage rate, smaller requirement when the shrinkage rate and the expected and actual shrinkage rate as far as possible, but in the actual process, generally it's hard to do, usually to make a correction to the mold after the test.In order to better modify the mold, the shrinkage ratio should be as small as possible when designing the concave part of shenzhen plastic mold, while the convex part is the maximum.

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