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How Yangfan Mould have confidence to make sure on time delivery ?
Jan 16, 2018

Please check below:

We employs a strong project team “Little John Wayne” to follow the project. The members of the project team include the project manager, CNC team leader, EDM team leader and mold assembly team leader. They will have weekly meeting for the project, if which part have problem when on machining, they can find out very quickly and solve it timely. The 4 dept. is the key to decide the quality and lead time.

There is special bonus for the project team. If the product can be shipped in T1, the project team could get 1.5 times extra bonus; Shipping in T2, they can get 1.3 times extra bonus; if in T3? Sorry they will not get any extra bonus from the project.

So for the extra bonus they must will work hard to make sure delivery on time and guaranteed the quality.

This system is high efficient and has led to more than 1200 successful projects to worldwide.

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