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Injection mold core structure
Sep 30, 2017

Plastic hook distance taut institutions generally used for cavity core-pulling or secondary ejection mould, because this kind of mechanism in the mold of the two side design, its movement request must be synchronized, the clamping buckle at the same time, open mode to a certain position at the same time retractor. Once out of sync, it will cause the injection mold of template scratch or damage to the skew and the design of the structure of the parts require a higher rigidity and wear resistance, adjustment is hard, short life institutions, to avoid as far as possible, you can switch to other design structure
Use spring core-pulling motions are small situations auxiliary ejector method, the core pulling large requires using dynamic model back slide cores, finish core-pulling action again after the structure of the die, the hydraulic oil cylinder can be used on large mould core pulling. The slanted sliding block type core mechanism is damaged. The most common problems of this kind of institution are not in the process of processing, and the materials are too small, but there are two main problems.
Inclined pin inclination A large, the advantage is that can be in relatively short injection mold open die travel inside produce A relatively large draw core distance. However, in the case of excessive tilt Angle A, when the extraction force F is A certain value, the bending force P=F/COSA of the inclined pin in the core process is also larger, and the inclined pin deformation and inclined hole wear are easy to appear. At the same time, the upward thrust of the slant pin on the sliding block is higher, which makes the sliding block more pressure on the guiding surface of the guide slot, thus increasing the friction resistance of the sliding block. Easy to cause slip, guide groove wear. According to experience, the inclination A should not be greater than 2
Some die because of restricted by template area, guide groove length is too small, the slider on the outside of the core-pulling action after the show guide, so that after the core-pulling and mould reset at the beginning of the phase is likely to cause the slider tilt, especially when clamping, slider reset, make the slider damage, even bending failure. According to the experience, the length of the slider should not be less than 2/3 of the length of the guide slot after the sliding block completes the pumping action.

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