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Injection mould to determine the status of the existing methods
Jan 17, 2018

Injection mold can determine the current working status? This question can get reasonable solutions.We belong to manufacture enterprises, must know the processing of product characteristics.

Injection mold in the case of normal operation, we can test it, especially for its performance can be tested, and the final shape of parts size measurement, measurement, we can use this information to determine the mould existing status, find out the cavity and core, cooling system and parting surface damage, according to the information provided by the plastic, you can judge and damage state of plastic injection mould maintenance measures.This method is the most direct and most effective.We work for the state testing, the purpose is only one, that is to determine the product run without any obstacles, and the quality is not damaged.The most important of all, to determine the working status, also can make us clearly know, whether you need some mould for replacement or repair.Tooling workshop.jpg

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