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Integrated design of plastic products and molds.
Jan 19, 2018


       From the development of plastic products to manufacturing, the process of product development, mold design, mold manufacturing, trial production, and formal mass production is the process.In general, product development is completed by the new product development enterprise itself, or commissioned by the product development company;The mold development is made by a special mold manufacturer.The hair of the product is divided into functional design, appearance design, design and so on.Besides considering the function of the product, the functional design should also consider the use of objects, namely, the design of clean and suitable human nature;Functional design must meet the design requirements.The formability design is to get qualified products to meet the requirements, generally from the perspective of plastic molding products design.The design of the formability design is generally used in mobile simulation software or in accordance with the experience of the designer, which can be called the process design of the product.In addition, the design of the product must be considered from the design of the mold and the process of manufacturing, which is called the mold process design of the product design stage.

In most cases, the product design has failed to fully consider the shape design of products, or to emphasize the products function needs and ignore the product design itself to product molding and mold design and production of manufacturing inconvenience.In particular, the poor performance of the molding process is the difficulty in the design of the pouring system, the ejection system and the cooling system, and it is difficult to eliminate the obvious injection defect.In order to achieve the molding effect acceptable to the user, it will take a long time to optimize the casting and cooling system, and complicate the mold structure or change the time.In short, such product design hides many unforeseeable pitfalls.The emergence and eventual emergence of hidden dangers will lead to changes in product design or increase in mold costs and cycles.

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