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Leakage of material handling of hot runner in plastic injection mold
Jan 25, 2018

Part of the leakage situation is not due to poor system design, but because it is not operated according to the design parameters.The leakage usually occurs in the seal between the hot mouth and the shunt plate.According to the design specification of the general heat flow channel, the hot tip has a steel edge to ensure the height of the hot tip assembly is lower than the actual groove depth on the hot runner plate.The purpose of designing this difference (usually called a cold gap) is to avoid thermal expansion leading to component damage when the system is operating temperature.

1. The back of the hot mouth is fixed on the splitter plate;High temperature bolts fixed to the splitter plate can prevent leakage under cooling conditions.This system still needs cold clearance, because the steel edge needs some expansion space at room temperature.Although this method can actively prevent the leakage of the hot mouth to the shunt plate, it cannot prevent the thermal expansion of the components under the overheating condition.

2. Move the hot mouth on the shunt plate and the shunt plate by bolt.This design has minimum length requirements for the hot mouth and also limits the spacing of the cavity.It is an economical and effective way to prevent leakage between hot mouth and shunt plate, which is suitable for the system with less cavity number.

3. The edge of the hot tip is designed with elastic rather than steel, and the elastic edge provides preload in the cooling condition and prevents the system from being damaged.If an excessive heat, it can also absorb the thermal expansion, make the operation expanded to ±110 .

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