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Maintenance auto mould will appear what circumstance?
Dec 21, 2017

Maintenance auto mould will appear what circumstance? 

Things with long will be bad, and like auto mould these working in the actual operation of the frequency of use is extremely high, so also can appear a lot of problems, such as board piece of the rebound rupture and wrinkles etc, these circumstances are inevitable, then in met this situation to how to exclude?

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General thick sheet, because large scales pieces rebound of scales material cannot fully the plastic deformation, elastic deformation sectors existing it caused a rebound, mainly depending on the design to compensate and control, remedy is usually potatos makeover, to face, fitter did an inquiry to type surface, ensure that fits the joint rate type. Cracking is often due to the mold processing and assembling state actually is not perfect, plus the stamping process is not perfect, the supplementary modelling delayed a plastic deformation caused by pulling the flow of not successful in the process, a sharp change, there´s a crack. Fitter have to do is to perfect the mould condition, ensure the stability of the work state, according to the analysis, where the fracture of the supplementary part of adjustment type noodles. Wrinkles are feeding the scales the plastic deformation caused by instability, and stamping process added formative unreasonable also plays a part. Sometimes is the shape of the products determines the wrinkles unable to eliminate.

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