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Mould frame processing details
Jan 22, 2018

1. The serial number should be unified, and the mold core should be numbered. It should be consistent with the module number and the direction is consistent.

2. A/B plate processing (i.e., dynamic mold frame processing),

A: a /B plate processing shall ensure that the parallelism and perpendicularity of the mold frame are 0.02mm,

B: milling machine: screw hole, water hole, pin hole, machine nozzle hole, chamfer Angle.

C: locksmith processing: tapping, trimming.

3. Panel processing: milling machine tool hole or processing nozzle hole.

4, the thimble fixed plate processing: milling machine processing: thimble plate and plate with back needle link, B B board face up, drill down by the pinhole, thimble countersunk head should be put at the bottom of the plunger plate in turn up, calibration, use first bit rough machining, reoccupy cutter processed in place, chamfering.

5. Bottom plate processing: milling machine processing: marking, correction, boring and chamfering.

(note: some molds need to be strengthened with strong pull top mechanism, such as drilling screw holes on the thimble board)

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