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Plastic products processing - methods to prevent cracks in the mold
Jan 22, 2018

Causes of cracks in the mold.

1-1. The mold is not rigid enough.

1-2. Stress concentration of cavity and Angle.

2. Related knowledge.

2-1, the mold wall thickness design is an important parameters of mold design and strength calculation (simple pure tension calculation), in order to ensure the thickness of the mold necessary. Also, additional grooves to use mould rigidity as a whole.

3-2. The stress concentration is easy to be produced in the corners of the machining cavity, and cracks are also easily produced in this place. Therefore, the shape of the garden Angle R must be processed at the corner.


3-1. The corner of the mold cavity is processed into the shape of the garden Angle R, which is processed into a groove shape to strengthen the mold parting surface to enhance the rigidity of the mold.

4. Due to the difference of materials;

4-1. No special reason.

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