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Several points of injection mold design should pay attention to
Dec 29, 2017

Mold manufacturing industry is a basic industry, is the basis of technological achievements, but in itself is an important field of high-tech industry, in Europe and other industrialized countries known as the "Golden Touch" and "magnetic industry." American industry that "mold industry is the cornerstone of American industry"; in Germany it is considered that all industry "key industry"; Japan Die Association also believes that "the die is to promote dynamic society of prosperity", but also "the whole industrial development secret "and" driving force into the affluent society. "  

First, the mold parting line direction and  

Each injection product design at the beginning of the first to determine the direction and the mold parting lines, in order to ensure as much as possible to reduce the core pulling the slider mechanism and eliminate the influence of the appearance of the parting line.  

1, a model to determine the direction, the product of ribs, snap, projections and other structures designed to be as consistent with the opening direction of the mold in order to avoid reducing core pulling patchwork line, extend die life.  

2, after opening the mold to determine the direction, choose the appropriate parting line, to avoid the presence of mold opening direction upside down, to improve the appearance and performance.  Previous:Prospects NC technology in the mold mechanical equipment analysis

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