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Structural differences between die casting mould and plastic mould
Sep 30, 2017

1. The injection pressure of die casting mould is large, so the template requirement should be relatively thick and prevent deformation
2. The casting of die casting mold is different from the injection mold, which needs to be high pressure of shunt cone decomposition material flow
3. Die-casting dies do not need to be quenched, because the temperature of the die cavity is over 700 degrees in the die cavity
The mold cavity will become harder and harder. The general injection mold will be hardened to the HRC52.
4. In general cavity of die casting mould, nitrogen treatment should be done to prevent alloy sticking cavity.
5. General die-casting die has a large corrosion, and the outer surface is usually blue.
6. Compared with the injection mould, the working part of the die casting mould (such as the core sliding block) is larger than the clearance.
Because the high temperature of the casting process can cause thermal expansion. If the gap is too small, the die will die.
7. The fractal surface of die casting mould is more demanding, because the alloy is much more liquid than plastic.
High temperature and high pressure material flow from the parting plane will be very dangerous
8. The injection mold usually relies on the thimble, the parting surface and so on can exhaust, the die casting mould must open the exhaust tank and the collecting slag bag (collect cold material head);
9. The molding is inconsistent, the injection speed is quick and the injection pressure is one. The plastic mold is usually divided into several injections, and the pressure is guaranteed.
10. The die casting mould is a two-plate mould, and the plastic mould has different structure. Common, die cavity number and order to match the mold structure. Die casting mould is usually not the thimble, ejector, oblique pin (high temperature and good solution flow) easily jammed in the mold production is not stable.
The main difference between the two is that in the feed runner, the plastic mould gate is the inlet of the long, slender taper, the inlet diameter is relatively small. The feeding mouth of the die-casting mould is larger, and the diameter of the taper inlet of the center feed is much larger than that of the plastic mould. Another inlet is a straight round sleeve with a diameter of three or forty millimeters, which is not the structure of the plastic mould. In addition, the plastic mould and die casting die are different from the steel used. The plastic mould usually USES 45# steel, T8, T10 and other steel, while die casting mould mainly USES 3Cr2W8V.

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