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Ten principles of mold design classification
Jan 22, 2018

1. Consideration of clamping force.

The lateral mold clamping force is relatively small, so for large product projection area is larger, it should be the direction of the projection area is large on the direction of mold before and after the process, and the lateral projection area of smaller as a side parting.

2. Meet the requirements of product release.

The parting surface is for the product to be able to successfully remove the mold.Therefore, the position of the parting surface should be in the largest part of the product section, which is the most basic principle.

3. Shape of parting surface.

In general, a parting surface that is perpendicular to the driving direction of the injection molding machine is used, and other shapes are used in special cases.The shape of the parting surface is convenient for processing and stripping.Like a bent product, the fractal is based on the curvature of its curvature.

4. Ensure the appearance and quality of products.

The parting surface should not be chosen on the smooth surface of the product.The appearance surface is generally not allowed to have the clamp line and other influence beautiful lines appear;Some of the products with the same degree of concentricity have to put all of the concentration requirements on the same side, so as to ensure their concentration.

5. Determination of orientation.

When determining the orientation of the product in the mold, the parting surface should be chosen to prevent the product from forming side holes or side buttons, and the complicated mould structure should be avoided.

6. Good for stripping.

General mold release mechanism is in the dynamic mode, so select the parting surface should be as much as possible to leave the product behind the mold.Therefore, for some places that are likely to adhere to the mold, we will always add the model auxiliary ejection mechanism.

7. Consider lateral opening distance.

Generally the distance of the lateral mechanical model is relatively small.Therefore, when selecting the parting surface, the direction of the core length should be selected in the direction of the front and back mode, and the short direction as the side parting.

8. Mold parts are easy to process.

When choosing the parting surface, the mould should be divided into the parts that are easy to be machined, and the machining difficulty is reduced.

9. Good for venting

When the parting surface is used as the main exhaust, the parting surface should be designed at the end of the plastic flow to facilitate the exhaust.

10. R typing

For many products of mold design, there is an entire circle of R Angle in the parting surface, which should be considered to be the best type of R, which can't have the sharp side

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