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The concept and principle of internal pressure forming die.
Jan 19, 2018

Internal high pressure forming is also called hydraulic molding or hydraulic forming, is a kind of liquid is used as forming medium, by controlling the internal pressure and material flow to achieve the goal of forming hollow parts molding process.The principle of internal pressure forming is to press the billet into the mold cavity to form the required workpiece through internal pressure and axial loading.For the part of the axis curve, the tube billet should be prebent to be close to the part shape, and then pressed to form.

Internal high pressure forming the component quality is light, good product quality, and product design, flexible process simple, and has the characteristics of near net shape and green manufacturing, thus obtained widespread application in the field of automotive lightweighting.Through effective cross section design and wall thickness design, many auto parts can be made of standard tubes, which can be made into a single monolithic component with complex structure through internal pressure forming.This is obviously superior to the traditional stamping and welding methods in terms of product quality and simplicity of production process.Most hydraulic forming process simply component shape consistent with one punch (or hydraulic) forming punch, hydraulic machines on the rubber diaphragm usually die effect, so the mould cost about 50% less than traditional mould.Compared with the traditional stamping forming process, the hydraulic molding can form the same parts in one step.

Compared with stamping weldments, pipe hydraulic molding advantage is: save material, reduce weight, general structure can lose weight by 20% ~ 30%, 30% ~ 50% axial parts can be weight loss: vice frame such as cars, general stamping parts for 12 kg, the high pressure of 7 ~ 9 kg, weight loss 34%, radiator support, general stamping weighs 16.5 kg, the high pressure of 11.5 kg, 24% weight loss;It can reduce the amount of machine processing and welding work.Increase the strength and stiffness of the components, and increase fatigue strength due to the reduction of solder joints.Compared with the welding parts, the material utilization rate is 95% ~ 98%;Reduce production cost and mold cost 30%.

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