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The design concept of hot runner
Jan 24, 2018

     An important step in the heat flow path is the design concept of the hot runner.A detailed design concept, including the manifold and platen, will be an important part of the mold audit.

The manifold is used to ensure that the molten channel can be disposed in the most efficient manner.In the ideal case, the molten channel is designed in a symmetrical manner, and the flow length and the number of turns are the same.In the case of multi-cavity molds or non-symmetrical molds, the molten channel may include artificial lengths and turning points so that the system can be properly balanced.This concept is helpful to designers and designers of hot runner, which can guarantee the best design of manifold.

In order to control the seam line of the parts, the problem of plastic flow balance should be solved.Through a detailed design of the manifold, the balance of the flow and the arrangement of the manifold can be evaluated to ensure that the downstream runner can meet the needs of the customer's mold base.The final result is to combine a single direct injection port and a single cavity mold with two injection ports from hot to cold (figure 3).

In addition, it is necessary to use platen technology to ensure the design of closed height and key characteristics of customer requirements.Since the nozzle includes a hot runner nozzle, the mold designer also needs to confirm that the proximity and cooling of the injection port can meet the requirements of the hot runner manufacturer.

The main factors of heat flow evaluation include: flow balance and manifold heat distribution;Channel size;The strength of the manifold materials in the field of high pressure application;The size of the injection port;The approach of cooling and injection port;Capable of withstanding abrasion and corrosive resin.

The hot runner is a kind of complicated and advantageous mold parts.In the mold production project, CAE computer aided engineering analysis, resin test and design concept can be completed by the hot runner supplier.In the early stages of a project, designers can further optimize the final product if the hot runner supplier is involved in the work.

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