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The development of China's three major mold production bases
Dec 22, 2017

China's rapid economic development put forward higher requirements for the mold industry, but also provide a great power for it’s development.


The past 10 years, China Mould production industry has an annual growth rate of about 15% of rapid development. International Mould & Plastic Hardware Industry Suppliers Association official Luo Baihui introduced, according to incomplete statistics, currently there are 3 million mold manufacturing plants in china, employing more than 100 million people, the annual production value is nearly 100 billion yuan. More than 20 mold companies which are billion yuan output value, there are dozens of medium-sized enterprises which are the output value of 50 to 100 million yuan, companies around the output value of 20 million account for a large proportion. Luobai Hui said that in recent years, the mold industry accelerated restructuring, mainly for large, sophisticated, complex, long-life standard mold, mold standard parts of the overall growth rate higher than the industry growth rate; a larger proportion of plastic mold and die casting mold; the numbers and ablity of market-oriented professional china mold manufacturing plants increase fast; With the deepening of economic reform, "Foreign-funded enterprises" and private enterprises develop rapidly.

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