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The disadvantage of hot runner
Jan 24, 2018

1. For each injection, the heavy female template must be on the guide tip.

Three board mould

Three board mould

Sliding, even if the new product is used, the die life is not long.

2. The movement of the vertical runner from the mold is greater than the necessary template movement of the moulded product from the mold.

3. When pouring out of the top side, or when the runner is longer, use:

Can avoid the problem that too long material head produces, for example: die travel can reduce, save material head remnant quantity, form easy, do not shrink, no flow mark...Wait for a phenomenon.

4. For products that are large or permitted to be poured by the center:

It can be used to replace the three - plate mold with hot runner to avoid unnecessary motion of formwork.

[2] in the way of using three board mould, must move mother template and take out the material, if use hot runner forming method, mould movement can shorten to unload the material necessary to move, thus can increase the thickness of the mold, forming machine can produce great must use the traditional way, after the use of hot runner can convert small forming machine.

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