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The disadvantage of hot runner mold
Jan 25, 2018

1. Rising mold cost.

Hot runner components are more expensive, and the cost of hot runner mold can be greatly increased.If the parts production is small, the tooling cost ratio is high, and the economy does not spend.For mould users in many developing countries, the price of hot runner system is one of the main problems affecting the widespread use of hot runner mould.

2. High demand for hot runner mold making process equipment.

The hot runner mould needs the precision machining machine to guarantee.The integration and cooperation of hot runner system and mold is very strict, otherwise there will be many serious problems in the production process.If the plastic seal is not good enough to cause the plastic overflow to break the production of the heat flow channel element, the relative position of the nozzle insert and the gate is not good enough to cause the quality of the product to drop seriously.

3. Complicated operation and maintenance.

Compared with the cold runner mould, the hot runner mold operation and maintenance is complicated.If the use of improper operation is very easy to damage hot runner parts, the production cannot be carried out, resulting in huge economic losses.For new users of hot runner mold, it takes a long time to accumulate experience.

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