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The folding design program of hot runner
Jan 24, 2018

       First, according to the structure of the plastic parts and use requirements, determine the feeding port location.As long as the structure of the plastic parts is allowed, the nozzle and nozzle head are not interfered with the forming structure in the fixed mold insert, and the feeding port of the hot runner system can be placed in any position of the plastic parts.The injection molding of conventional plastic parts is usually selected according to the experience.For large and complex shaped plastic parts, injection molding of the inlet location, computer aided analysis (CAE) simulation can be applied to the shape of the molten plastic flows within the mold, the analysis of each part of the mold cooling effect, determine the ideal inlet position.

Second, determine the nozzle head form of the hot runner system.The use characteristic of plastic parts and products is the key factor to choose the nozzle head form, and the manufacturing cost of plastic parts is also an important factor to choose the nozzle head form.

Thirdly, according to the production volume of the plastic parts and the tonnage size of the injection equipment, the cavity number of each mold is determined.

Fourth, the number of nozzles is determined by the position of the feed inlet and the number of cavity of each mold.If a product is formed, select one of the feeding ports, then only one nozzle, namely, single head heat flow system;If forming a product, choose a multi-cavity mould or more than one module and one cavity two inlet, then must multiple nozzles, namely choose long hot runner system, except for the mould structure with cross flow way.

Fifth, according to the weight of plastic parts and the number of nozzles, determine the radial dimension of the nozzle.The same form of nozzle has several dimensions, which meet the requirements of plastic parts in different weight range.

Sixth, according to the structure, size and structure of mould again according to the fixed mould set piece and the thickness of the template size choices series of nozzle length of the standard size, the final finishing the thickness of the template size and the size of the other related to the hot runner system.

Seventh, according to the shape of the heat flow but the shape of a hot runner fixed plate, decorate the power cord wire slot on the plate, and the heat flow but, nozzle, the nozzle head near enough cooling water loop design.

Eighth, complete the design drawing of the plastic mold of the hot runner system.

Ninth, the mature heat runner system must take into account the degree of cooperation between the hot runner system and the plastic mold, i.e., the design of the hot half mode.Hot semimode refers to the precise heat flow channel system manufactured by specialized hot runner manufacturers for customers. It has the characteristics of simple maintenance, high precision and quick processing.Reduce molding pressure and clamping force.

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