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The future direction of mold manufacturing is dehumanization
Jan 24, 2018


       With the development of economic globalization, Chinese market situation is changing, developed countries put forward the "industrialization", using artificial intelligence, robot and digital manufacturing to retake the competitive advantage of manufacturing.It is difficult for Chinese mold companies to continue to rely on low-cost competitiveness.Moreover, the mould has been widely used in various fields, and more and more requirements have been made for mold equipment.Therefore, the mold manufacturing needs scientific and technological innovation, and the development of standardized and unmanned processing direction is an inevitable trend.

Dehumanization is called automation.Unmanned chemical plants have become quite popular abroad, especially in the fields of automobile, household appliances and mould manufacturing.Almost all of these production lines are operated by robots, and the staff are assisted by them. For example, the production of some plastic mold parts can be achieved without human production.The current mould manufacturing is developing towards less humanization and dehumanization.

In the use of artificial intelligence, no chemical plant production type commands and raw materials from the factory side in a product design, process design, packaging production and processing and inspection, the final output at the other end products from the factory.All work is realized by computer controlled robots, CNC machines, unmanned transport vehicles and automated warehouses.

Automation is standardized, and in the process of automation, the other great value is the promotion of the standardization process.The customers demand shorter delivery cycle, the production process is shortened, the product precision demand is increasing, the price keeps falling, the competition is becoming increasingly global.All these requirements must be met through greater flexibility, higher quality and higher productivity.In the long run, there is only one solution - automation!

Dehumanization is a development direction of future manufacturing plants.

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