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The introduce of Plastic mold processing and injection molding process
Jan 18, 2018

                                         Plastic mold processing and injection molding process 

Q: Which the basic composition of the plastic mold ?

A:The basic components of the plastic mold are as follows: the mold base (supporting part of the mold core), the         mold cavity (plastic material flow passage), the mold core (the structure for shaping the product), the pressure         plate Water cooling system components. 

Q:What is the mold commonly used materials ? 

A: The mold commonly used materials are: S55, S45, S50, Japan-made Futaba. 

Q:what is the insert? What is the common material for inserts? What is the role? 

A:The inserts are a series of splices that make up the core. Commonly used inserts for the material of Japan's            Datong SAD61, AK80, insert the main role is to form a complex core, forming a complex product injection.

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