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The introduce of the application of mold erosion pattern
Jan 19, 2018


 This kind of equipment plays the role of decorative products, making the product more beautiful and elegant.Mold erosion print, overcome the printing, spray paint easy to wear out the shortcomings;Meet the visual requirements, because the surface is bright and clean as a mirror of the product easy to scratch, easy touch dirt and fingerprints, and defect, silk produced in the process of formation and ripple is exposed on the product is bright and clean surface, no doubt, and some of the leather grain, orange leather grain, wood grain, rain patterns, inferior smooth surface, such as decorative patterns, can be hidden products produced in the process of forming the surface of the shortcomings, makes the product appearance beautiful, cater to the needs of the visual.The decorative pattern can make the surface of the product and the surface of the cavity can hold a little air, which will not form a vacuum adsorption, making it easy to remove the mold.Anti - skid, anti - rotation, good feel.It is made of hemp or matte surface to prevent light reflection and so on.

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