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The Key technology of hot runner in plastic injection mold
Jan 25, 2018

1. Control of plastic temperature.

It is very important to control plastic temperature in hot runner mould.Many manufacturing processes and product quality.

The problem comes directly from the poor temperature control of the hot runner system.If use hot needle sprue gate method when the injection molding products of poor quality problems, molding gate valve type needle valve shut difficult problem, parts of multi-cavity mold filling time and with the problem of quality, etc.If it is possible to select a hot runner system with multi-area temperature control to increase the flexibility and strain capacity.

2. Control of plastic flow.

Plastics have to be balanced in a hot runner system.The gate should be opened simultaneously to fill the cavity with the plastic.For the FAMILY MOLD with a large difference in weight, it is necessary to balance the design of the sprue.Otherwise, there will be some parts of the mold filling pressure not enough, some parts of the mold filling overpressure, the flying side too large quality problems.The design of hot runner runner is reasonable.Too small size mold pressure loss too large.The size is too large, and the heat flow channel is too large. The plastic stays too long in the hot runner system, which can damage the material performance and can not meet the requirements after the parts are formed.The world already has CAE software specifically designed to help users with the best channel design, such as MOLDCAE.

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