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The Knowledge of mold machining method.
Jan 19, 2018


       There are many kinds of mould processing methods, and we will analyze the knowledge about the machining method of EDM ..EDM  forming mainly using pulse between tool and work piece result when the spark discharge of electricity to removal in excess metal corrosion phenomenon, parts in order to achieve technical requirements of the size, shape and surface quality.

1. Three conditions must be met for the mold machining process:

It is necessary to keep the tool electrode and the work piece between the machined surface to maintain a certain gap, so the automatic feeding and adjusting device of the tool electrode must be provided in the EDM process.

The spark discharge must be instantaneous pulse discharge, which must use pulse power supply.

The spark discharge must be carried out in a liquid medium with certain insulating properties.

2. Factors that influence the rate of erosion of electric spark erosion: electric regulation, polarity effect, thermal constant of metal materials, working fluid and chip removal conditions.

3 and the influencing factors of electric spark forming processing precision: all kinds of error, the tool electrode manufacturing precision machine tool itself, positioning and installation error of work piece and electrode, the size of the discharge gap and consistency, and machining electrode loss and its stability.

4. Electrode material requirements for EDM machining: small loss, stable process, high productivity, good mechanical processing performance and low price.Common materials: copper, graphite, cast iron, steel, brass, tungsten alloy, silver tungsten alloy.Structural form: the integral electrode of the whole body is a combined electrode.

5. Method of electric spark forming and processing mode: single electrode translational method, multi-electrode replacement method, decomposition electrode method.

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