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The manufacturing characteristics of 3C mould.
Jan 19, 2018

The mould is a molding tool specially designed and manufactured according to the requirements of product structure, and its working nature is the mother machine of batch products.It can directly change the shape and size of the raw material, make it a qualified part, and minimize the manufacturing cost.The manufacturing process of 3C mould is unique, which covers the essence of electromechanical processing and manual operation.The use of various parts and components made in the mould makes up more than 70% of the 3C products, from the shell structure to the integrated circuit board, which is widely used.Compared with other manufacturing methods, it has advantages of high efficiency and low cost.

Complicated shape of the 3 c mold, strength of structure and manufacturing precision are put forward very high requirements, products forming surface are not allowed to have any defects, therefore, used more sophisticated processing equipment and measuring devices.Some mold working surface and matrix difference is very big, it is difficult to meet all requirements, with the same kind of materials are usually adopt the method of welding and surface treatment, in the important parts of the mould through the panel board, welding, spraying, and special process such as nitriding to strengthen its local performance.

In the 1980 s, small home appliance mould processing is given priority to with manual work, mold quality depends on the skillful craftsman skill levels, especially in die locksmith played the most well, a lot of return cultivated a unique skills.Started in the late 90 s, mould processing is given priority to with numerical control machine tools and special equipment, processing center and thread cutting to popularize and apply solved many difficult technical problem in the field of technology, special processing by the use of a number of technical means such as electrolysis, laser and ultrasonic, can mould cavity and a corner, to fill the gaps in conventional cutting tool is unable to realize.

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