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The method of removing residue in mold cavity
Jan 23, 2018

1. Use the brass sheet to squeeze into the gap between the product and the mold, and pry the product out of the mold cavity, but be careful about using this method for non-ferrous alloy mold.

2. In order to achieve this purpose, the injection molding machine shall be equipped with brass plates (such as brass plates with thickness of 3MM, width 300MM, and front-end moulds).

3. The use of screwdriver will cause major damage to the mold.

4, both cannot be cut off and not cracked products, speaks with the above brass strip knock gently with hammer directly into products, however, this may make the cavity surface concave, so only on the surface of products and model surface crack, don't touch the wound cavity surface.

5. In order to cut off products, there is also a method of heating directly with the torch, which is only effective for large occasions.But be careful to stay away from combustibles.For small occasions, the method of "35 removal of residue on injector head" method can be taken out.

6, a fruit and a small number of pieces, how also can't take out products using the material of solvents such as acetone, etc) coating on it, after being dissolved in brass rod on, but don't pay attention to the solvent near the fire.

7. Remove the surface of mold cavity of residual products, scrub clean with cloth and spray the mold release agent.However, we should pay attention to the effect of the release agent on the second processing (coating, solution, etc.) of the products.

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