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The plastic mould can be divided into several categories according to the different pouring system
Sep 30, 2017

1. Gate mould: gate mold is the gate and runner on the parting line, cavity together with the product release, design the most simple, easy processing, low cost, so a lot of people using gate mold. The plastic mould structure is divided into two parts: dynamic and fixed. As the activity part of the injection molding machine is the dynamic mode (mostly the top out side), the injection end of the injection molding machine is called the mold setting. The mold part of the large water port is usually composed of two pieces of steel plates. The simplest structure in a large water mouth mold is two plates.
2. Fine runner mould, the runner and gate is not in the parting line, generally directly on the product, so to design a set of shuikou parting line, design is relatively complex, processing more difficult, often depending on the product requirements to choose fine runner system. The mold part of the thin water port is usually composed of three pieces of steel plate. The three - plate mould is the simplest structure in the thin water - mouth mould.
3. The mould of hot flow path: this kind of mold is approximately the same structure and fine shuikou, the biggest difference is that the flow is in one or more have temperature and heat flow but heat pumping mouth, no cold feeding demoulding, runner and gate directly on the product, so the port don't need mold release, also known as no runner system, this system can save raw materials, applicable to the raw material is more expensive, high requirement of products, design and processing difficulties, mould cost is high. Hot runner system, mainly consists of hot gate sleeve, hot runner plate and temperature control box. Our common hot runner system has single point hot gate and multi-point heat gate. The single point hot gate is a single heat gate sleeve that directly USES molten plastic into the cavity. It is applicable to single cavity single gate plastic mold. The multi-point hot gate is used to separate the melting material from the hot water gate into the heat gate sleeve and then into the cavity. It is suitable for single cavity multi-point or multi-cavity mold.

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