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The problem should be consider when design injection mold
Jan 18, 2018

1. Understand the plastic melt flow behavior, considering the flow of plastic in the flow channel and cavity flow resistance, flow rate, verify the maximum flow length.According to the direction of plastic flow in the mold (ie filling sequence), consider the plastic in the mold Re-fusion within the cavity and the original export of air problems.

2. Consider the plastic shrinkage and shrinkage problems during cooling.

3. Through the mold design to control plastic crystallization in the mold orientation and improve the internal stress of the product.

4 points into the pouring point of the problem

5. Parts of the horizontal type core pulling and ejection problems.

6.Mold cooling or heating problems.

7.The relationship between the size of the mold and the injection machine used, including the maximum injection volume of the injection machine, the clamping force, the size of the mold part, and so on.

8. Mold overall structure and shape of parts to be simple and reasonable, the mold should have the appropriate accuracy. Finish. Strength and stiffness, easy to manufacture and assembly

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