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The reason for the broken mold is broken
Jan 23, 2018

1-1 the toughness of knockout pin is not enough.

The root garden Angle of 1-2 knockout pin is not complete.

2. Related knowledge.

2-1 die pin hole is related to the mould screw position, so the die pin is fine.

Long, because the molding pressure, easy to bend, also easy to break, so this kind of pin must heat treatment to have very strong toughness and must have certain hardness.

2-2 because the stress concentration of the pin is mostly concentrated at the corner R of the root, so if there is damage in this part, the stress concentration in this part is common.


3-1 knockout pin for heat treatment.

The difference of materials;

There is no special reason for 3-1.

5. References.

4-1 the spare parts of mould should be sold out of mould

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