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The reason for the rust of injection mold and the solution
Sep 30, 2017

Phenomenon of mold rust is a relatively easy to see, which not only affects the appearance of the mould, and will directly affect the overall quality of the mould, so the mold rust is the problem that nots allow to ignore, the following is the analysis of the causes and measures, for your reference.
The cause of rust is 1. Product of decomposition of molding material. 2. Return of mould. 3. Hand sweat.
Analysis of rust of mould;
1. The product (gas, residue) of the decomposition of forming materials is the most common corrosion of the mould. In order to prevent the rust of the mold, the most widely used is chrome treatment for the mold cavity, but the chromium plating treatment can not solve the problem adequately, because the deep part of the product is also corroded. And these are places where you can't get them.
2. When the mold is cooled to below the moisture regain point, the moisture in the air will be caused by the moisture on the surface of the mould.
Solve the problem of mold rust;
1. Short-term; Wipe the surface of the cavity with a cloth. The molding material is fully dry and the temperature of the material is lowered to prevent the material from breaking down. When the mold is temporarily suspended, spray anti-rust agent on the mold cavity and then close the mold.
2. Long term; Turn the product into a material that decomposes the product without corroding the mold. Easily decomposed materials include PVC, POM, EVA, PC and foaming materials. Because the decomposing products have a corrosive effect on the molds, the plastic raw materials should not be changed, and the die should be treated with chromium plating. Apply a layer of butter to the external and active parts of the mold when the mold is not used for a long time.

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