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The reasons of the defects of injection part
Jan 23, 2018

1. Features of defect of injection molding.

The injection process is incomplete because the cavity is not filled with plastic or the process of injection is missing some details.

2. Possible causes of problems.

(1) insufficient injection speed.

(2). Plastic shortage.

(3) the screw does not leave a screw cushion at the end of the stroke.

(4) change of operating time.

(5) the temperature of the shooting cylinder is too low.

(6) insufficient injection pressure.

(7). The nozzle part is sealed.

(8) the heater outside the nozzle or the cylinder is not functioning.

(9). The injection time is too short.

(10). Plastic is attached to the wall of the hopper.

(11). The capacity of injection molding machine is too small (that is, injection weight or plasticizing capacity).

(12). Mold temperature is too low.(13). There is no anti-rust oil for cleaning the mold.

(14). The stop ring is damaged and the molten material has a reverse flow.

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