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The solution of defect of injection molding
Jan 23, 2018

(1). Increase the injection speed.

(2). Check the amount of plastic in the hopper.

(3). Check whether the injection schedule is set correctly and change it if necessary.

(4) check whether the check valve is worn or cracked.

(5) check whether the operation is stable.

(6) increase the melt temperature.

(7) increase back pressure.

(8). Increase the injection speed.

(9). Check whether the nozzle hole has foreign body or plasticized plastic.

(10). Check whether the energy output is correct with the ampere meter in all the heaters.

(11) increase the screw forward time.

(12). The cooling capacity of the hopper throat area, or lower the temperature after the injection cylinder.

(13). Use a larger injection molding machine.

(14). Appropriate elevation of mold temperature.

(15). Clean the rust inhibitor in the mold.

(16) check or replace the check ring.

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