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The specialized production of plastic mould industry in China is very important
Jan 04, 2018

In recent years, plastic mold industry has been developing rapidly in China, and the following fierce competition is coming. After entering WTO, foreign mold manufacturers will enter the domestic market.

In the competition, it is very important to develop the mold standard parts and implement the specialized production of the mould.

As one of the pillar industries of light industry in China, plastic industry has been growing at more than 10% in recent years. In the plastic industry, the plastic and hardware market is very active.

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New consumption hot spots and new economic growth points. The market prospect of plastic metal mould is considerable, but it is far away from the technical level of foreign countries.

At present, the mold of our country needs to break through the bottleneck which restricts the development of the mould industry. With the rapid development of China's machinery, automobiles, household appliances and building materials, plastic molds are in the process of rapid development.

About 30% of the whole die industry is in the industry. However, because of the complex shape of the plastic mold parts and the high requirement for the design level, the technical level of the die test results test and so on

There must be some innovation to keep up with the trend of the development of the times, otherwise the development of plastic mould will be restricted.

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