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The structure of hot runner
Jan 24, 2018

     The hot runner system is composed of hot nozzles, shunt plates, temperature control boxes and accessories.Hot nozzles generally consist of two types: open hot nozzles and needle valve type hot nozzles.Because of the direct determination of heat flow channel system selection and mold manufacturing, the heat flow channel system is often divided into open hot runner system and needle valve type heat runner system.The shunt plate is used in a multi - cavity or multi - feed, single - point feed.Materials are usually P20 or H13.The shunt plate is generally divided into two categories: standard and non-standard. The structure form is mainly determined by the distribution of the cavity in the mold, the arrangement of the nozzle and the position of the gate.The temperature control box comprises a host, a cable, a connector and a socket outlet.Hot runner accessories usually include: heater and thermocouple, runner seal, connector and junction box, etc.

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