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The technology Introduction of plastic injection mold
Jan 18, 2018

The technology Introduction of plastic injection mold

Q:what 's the heat treatment process does the mold generally do ? What is the role of heat treatment? 

A:Generally need to quench the mold, quenching and tempering, nitriding and other heat treatment process. The         role of heat treatment is to increase the mold hardness, strength, removal of internal stress, in order to increase       the life of the mold. 

Q: what is the eclipse? What kind of corrosion pattern? What's the difference? 

A:Etching is in the mold surface with chemical or electrical processing methods to create a different pattern of            shading to increase the surface effect of plastic parts and improve product yield. Etching According to different      processing methods, divided into chemical etching and EDM etching, according to the different effects of            etching is divided into fine lines and coarse lines. Chemical etching generally low processing efficiency, easy to      form a uniform fine lines, EDM etching efficiency, easy to form different coarse lines, but poor uniformity.

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