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The tips should be pay attentation during the mold processing
Jan 18, 2018

1, the contraction coefficient of each material is different, the plastic mold to have a reasonable shrinkage.

2, the plastic mold to have sufficient rigidity, or mold clamping deformation, causing "flash."

3, if the edge of the mold while the top of the product, injection molding machine thimble page can be set (but some injection molding machines do not have this feature).

4, choose a reasonable mode of demoulding, choose a reasonable location and the number of mandrels to ensure that the product is not damaged during the ejection process.

5, plastic mold cooling (water passage) and product size, shape, plastic properties, dwell time and other factors.

6, plastic mold to choose a reasonable location and amount of exhaust control. Otherwise, plastic injection caused dissatisfaction with the product "missing material."

7, plastic mold and injection molding machine to be a reasonable way to be fixed, solid and reliable, to prevent the accident when the mold change position. And easy to disassemble.

8, plastic mold in the absence of return spring with the moving part of the mold along with the injection molding machine moves, is the mold thimble board and the machine thimble together (commonly known as strong top).

9, Injection Road to choose a reasonable, so that materials can reach each place evenly (flow path equal), and to have sufficient reserves to ensure that the plastic plastic in the shrinkage process.

10, plastic mold material post-processing is not necessary, because: plastic soft, do not need any special requirements such as hardness, and heat treatment process may cause mold deformation.

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