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There are three kinds of cooling in plastic extruding
Sep 30, 2017

There are a lot of plastic products factory, is the need to use cold water machine machine cooling, may be a lot of friends in the purchase of industrial cold water machine, often do not know with what kind of cold water machine, to meet their requirement of refrigeration effect, or that I don't know what kind of machine is more suitable for their own production workshop. So now, mu chuan industry tells everyone about the cooling of plastic extrusion molding, hoping to be helpful to friends.
It is generally divided into screw cooling, fuselage cooling, and product cooling.
1. Cooling of the screw
The effect of screw cooling is to eliminate the friction heat, stabilize the pressure of plastic extrusion, promote the mixing of plastic and improve the plasticizing quality. But its use must be appropriate, especially not excessive, otherwise the plastic melt in the machine tube suddenly cooling, can cause serious accidents. And screw cooling is absolutely prohibited before extrusion, otherwise it can lead to serious equipment accidents.
2. Cooling of fuselage
Fuselage cooling effect is to increase barrel cooling, in order to overcome the friction overheating temperature, because the temperature in the process of plastic extrusion, also cannot stop even after power cut, so as to make reasonable temperature not to maintain for a long time, must increase heat dissipation, and make the barrel cool down, in order to maintain the heat balance in the process of extrusion. The cooling of the fuselage is carried out in sections, mainly by the fan cooling, taking into account the different functions of the fuselage, especially the use of the cooling of homogenizing section.
3. Cooling of the product
Product cooling is an important measure to ensure the geometry and internal structure of products. The plastic extruded layer should be cooled immediately after leaving the machine, or it will be deformed under gravity. For the problem of crystallization of the non-crystalline materials such as polychloro-ethylene, the plastic products can be cooled by means of quenching, cooling the water directly in the cooling water tank, and no deformation. And polyethylene, polypropylene crystallization of polymer such as cooling, consideration should be given to the crystallization, if use the quench method, can bring adverse effect to plastic products group, produce internal stress, this is one of the causes of cracks of products in the future, must attach importance to it in the extrusion process. Such as polyethylene, polypropylene crystallization type plastic extrusion cladding appropriate USES gradually cooling water cooling method, generally depending on the equipment auxiliary facilities, the cooling water tank should be segmented section, water temperature can be introduced into the first section of the tank by plastic extrusion cladding temperature of 75 ℃ ~ 85 ℃, is presented.the lower water temperature, until the room temperature, paragraphs temperature the smaller the temperature difference is reasonable.

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