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Thoughts on the development of China hot runner mould industry.(1)
Jan 19, 2018


   Hot runner mould is an important basic equipment in manufacturing industry. It is an "unparalleled efficiency amplifier".Without the high level of hot runner mold, there is no high level of industrial products, so the hot runner mould technology also becomes one of the important indicators to measure the manufacturing level of a country's products.Because of the importance of hot runner mold and its important position in national economy, therefore since March 1998 the state council issued "the decision of the current industrial policy points", hot runner mould industry has always been a high position, the state also gave some to encourage and support policies.

Hot runner mold

With support from the state, although hot runner mould production in China is already the world's third, but the overall level is still better than industry lags behind many developed countries, hot runner mould industry in our country still childish, hot runner mold imports more than $1 billion a year.With China's entry into WTO, the export prospect of hot runner mould is getting better and better, and the mold industry of hot runner in China needs to develop faster to adapt to the development of the situation.Hot runner mould industry to develop faster, you need to mobilize all positive factors, need strong support from various aspects, including the support of government departments and their own efforts is most important.

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